Sound Pop Audio is a company created by Barry Blum to provide high quality audio content for Film, TV, video games and the web. You can hear his music in over 100 video games as well as on the world’s dance floors and video screens. Sound Pop Audio provides music in any style on demand. As a talented musician playing guitar, bass and keyboards, he performs live in front of large audiences on a regular basis. He is an award winning composer and producer with records sold worldwide.
In 2013 Sound Pop Audio produced a documentary film focusing on a rock band made up of seniors residing in an assisted living center called ROCK THE AGES.
2014 the focus has been on producing an Americana album for the Last Call Troubadours as well as producing Techno and Hip Hop beats for various artists.

  • RCA
  • Fantasy
  • Megatone
  • Moby Dick
  • Impulse12
  • “Barry is a synthesizer genius”
    Philip Elwood
    Music Critic SF Chronicle

    “Barry’s scores for my in-game movies have turned B titles into A titles with his touch.”
    Michael Mendhiem of EA