He has had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients including Discovery Channel, Sci Fi Channel, Meta TV, Robocalyspe, Tarsin, Redhill Studios, Road Warrior , Wheel of Fortune, NFL ’97, Jurrassic Park, Sonic Spinball, BlackFire, Dark Colony, Solitaire City, Warriors of Might and Magic, Crusaders of Might and Magic, Heros IV- Winds of War, Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball, to name a few.

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Before his turn as an entrepreneur Barry gained a depth of experience working with some of the best companies in the video game industry where he composed over 80 scores for various game companies worldwide including but not limited to SONY, EA and 3DO SEGA, Maxis, Activision, Gametek, Vogster, and SSI which had made him a sought after composer for his style of Music and sound design.