• Battle Field Sound Design for Sarge’s War
  • Opening scene of the Sarge’s War video game without the narration.  The sound effects are upfront in this mix with the music, “A Dirge for Sarge”, way down.  This sound design demonstrates an effect use of volume level and frequency range to tell the story of the battle.

Project 2 :

  • Underscoring a scene with a lot of dialogue:  Sarge’s War
  • This score had to deal with many scene changes ranging from dialogue underscoring to fast paced action and then back to a delicate scene of love lost.  As is typical with the Sarge scores and 3DO videos in general, the score is “over the top”, with nothing being left to the imagination.  This game score features lots of character themes mixing techno styles with orchestral textures.


Project 3 :

  • Shifters
  • Description of Project3DO’s SHIFTERS came out in 2002 to mixed reviews.  The orchestral score I did was a plus.
  • “Shifters pulls a genuinely impressive bit of orchestral accompaniment out of its hat.” IGN
  • This snippet of a video shows how to lightly underscore dialogue mixed with bombastic flash back action scenes, to move the story forward in an engaging way.  The story is king.