Original Music

I create music designed from the start to fit the mood of your game, film, TV program or website. The project in my primary concern. I have composed in every style for any format: game console, mobile, web, installations as well as film and TV. I also produce popular music such as techno, country, rock. I have had Hit records worldwide in dance music and modern rock.

Interactive Music

For music to work in an interactive environment, must be created in a way that fits the interactivity. This mean music broken into smaller parts with a range of emotive values

Film scoring

We can underscore your movie, advertisement, In game cinematic with a finesse equal to any movie score.

Sound Design

Tired of library sounds? We spare no effort to give you the sound design custom fit to you project.

Sound for any live installation

We work with artists to perfectly support the artists vision.

Project Management

Small project, large project, no problem!